Mangolia.The visit of Indian Prime Minister at the invitation of his counterpart Ch. Saikhanbileg will pave way to a host of bilateral agreements. Incidentally, this is the first visit of an Indian Prime Minister since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries sixty years back.

India’s milk giant GCMMF (Amul) will help Mongolia restructure its dairy industry. The agreements to this strategic partnership will be among those others to be signed during the visit (16th to 18th May 2015) by Prime Minister of India in Ulaan Bataar. GCMMF and the Institute of Technology, Mongolia will join hands to develop strategies to carry forward the milk production in Mongolia.

GCMMF who paved the way to India’s ‘white revolution’ crossed the US$200 billion turnover (₹ 20735 crores) during the financial year 2014-15. Followed by the visit to GCMMF Headquarters in Anand by Mongolian Ambassador last year, the Indian team visited Mongolia’s milk processing plants, Institute of Technology and the milk producers last month.

GCMMF-LogoGCMMF’s experise in the areas of clean milk production, rural refrigeration systems, manufacturing of dairy products and quality control measures will be made available to Mongolia. GCMMF is also expected to set up standards of operational procedures in the production chain, help design tools and equipment for dairy industry, and will organize training programmes for Mongolian producers and entrepreneurs.




CMMF is expected to replicate the same pattern as in India: dairy co-operative societies at village level, milk unions at district level and milk marketing federations at at state level. Mongolia, the sixth largest country in Asia with a population of 30 lakhs have more than 35 lakh cows and the association with India will further the interests of the dairy farmers and industry of Mongolia.