Cattle races and Jallikattu: the return of the festivals

The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change under the Government of India today modified its own notification of 2011 paving way to the return of desi festivals as Jallikattu, Bull races and Bullock-cart races. The notification dated 7 January 2016 exempts...

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Why observe an International Vulture Awareness Day?

The first Saturday of every September is observed as the ‘International Vulture Awareness Day’. The sharp decline in vulture population of South-Asia is often linked to Diclofenac, the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug used in animal treatment.

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Dissection of animals: UGC deadline is over

  The deadline was 30th July 2015 and it is over. University Grants Commission (UGC) wanted the Vice-chancellors of all the Universities in India to send in their 'action taken report' on its directions to scrap animal dissections  and the guidelines for...

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Export of livestock products: India on a winning streak

India moves fast in exports of livestock products. Though the figures show fluctuating trends, there are strong indications on the forward growth of export potentials of livestock products. As the internal production of milk, meat and poultry grows substantially every...

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Kerala: dogs rule the streets and why?

Dr N Ajayan The street dog menace shoots up in Kerala, people are so scared to walk alone in the streets. Reports pour in on the incidents of attacks by dogs not on children, aged and almost everyone who are out on the roads alone, but people staying indoors on their...

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How (India) National Dairy Plan works

    India will need 200 million tonnes of milk by 2021-22 as against 137.68 million tonnes of 2013-14. To meet the rapidly growing demand for milk, the productivity of the milch animals and the total milk production have to be increased. And hence the...

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Veterinary education around the globe

  The details on the veterinary universities, institutions, colleges and schools around the globe are presented at the 'resources' page of the website. Also find the various veterinary degrees and diplomas awarded by them. The list of veterinary colleges approved...

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