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‘Vetconcerns’ is the official journal of the ‘Centre for Livestock Wealth Studies’ (CLWS). Founded in 1999, CLWS reviews the economic contribution of the livestock sector and its impact on the lives and livelihoods of people everywhere. Researchers, veterinarians, educationists, farmers, journalists and policy makers are invited to associate with the ‘Centre for Livestock wealth Studies’.

As Founder Editor of ‘JIVA‘ (Journal of Indian Veterinary Association, Kerala), www.jivaonline.com and ‘IVA News Letter‘, I received your generous support. Thanks a lot.

Welcome to ‘Vetconcerns’ to publish your articles, research papers, blogs, news, and pics related to the sectors. You may send them to: editor@vetconcerns.org. Or contact me: mail@balachandran.in / (+91) 9447090404









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